First Semester 

Second Semester 

FAM4000W - Video Project / Documentary Filmmaking

FAM4001W - Research Essay/Project


FAM4004S - Race and Gender in Popular Culture

FAM4007F - Narrative Journalism


FAM4008F - Media Theory & Media Research


FAM4009H - Media Research Project

FAM4010F - Media and Brand Management

FAM4011F/S - Media Internship

FAM4011F/S - Media Internship 

FAM4012H - Media Creative Project

FAM4013F - Political Communication

FAM4014S - Political Journalism

FAM4017F - Advanced Television Analysis

FAM4018S - Crisis Communication in Africa

FAM4031F/S - South African Public Rhetoric

FAM4031F/S - South African Public Rhetoric

FAM4033F/S - Writing for Television: Honours

FAM4033F/S - Writing for Television: Honours

FAM4036S - Film and Environment

FAM4037F - Approaches to Film & TV

FAM4041S - Media and the Public Domain

FAM4038F - Authorship in Cinema

FAM4042S Media, Development and the Environment

FAM4039F - Documentary Film: Forms & Theories

 FAM4034S Theories and Forms of Adaptation

FAM4040F - Writing for Film: Honours