NQF credits: 24 at HEQSF level 9


Dr Julia Cain

Entrance requirements

Acceptance for a Master’s programme.


Documentary Film: Forms and Theories examines histories and innovations in documentary film, from early non-fiction film to contemporary experimentations, including a focus on South African films and filmmakers. You will develop an understanding of the various forms of documentary and its innovative possibilities; you will develop a knowledge of histories of documentary; and you will have a good grasp of documentary film and its practice in the South African context. The course is very interactive and includes guest filmmakers and practitioners; it is intended to open a door onto the possibilities of this exciting form that is experiencing record growth.

DP requirements

Attendance at all classes; punctual submission of written work.


2 x seminar papers (1,500 words) and presentations (30%); 5,000-word essay (70%)