NQF credits 48 NQF level 9


Dr Liani Maasdorp

Entrance requirements

Acceptance to Masters Degree and submission of porfolio of film, video or photography work to convenor for selection. Students who wish to take FAM5015W as an elective must consult the convener before they may register for the course.



The course explores how documentary filmmakers endeavour to represent the world and make a difference with their work. We will look closely at exponents of and approaches to non-fiction storytelling; and students will produce original non-fiction short films. 

Intrinsic to the course is the understanding of the possibilities, politics and ethics of representing the pro-filmic world and the people who inhabit it. The aims of this course are to provide relevant prompts and challenges that create opportunities for students to grow their conceptual and practical skills in documentary filmmaking; and encourage the development of original new voices in documentary film.

Students will be expected to produce several practical exercises individually in preparation for taking a short film project through all stages of production, from development to screening.

Practical skills in filmmaking and/or photography at an honours exit level are a requirement for this course.



100% coursework (practical, written & oral submission) including a range of practical, creative photo and film exercises aimed at developing specific craft and conceptual skills; a creative project of which development, production and post-production are assessed; accompanied by a critical reflection (explication).