NQF credits: 30 at HEQSF level 7

Third-year, second-semester course, two lectures and one double-period or two single-period seminars per week


Dr Viraj Suparsad

Entrance requirements

The course is open to third-year Film and Media Production Students in good standing, and to students who have completed FAM1000S, FAM2004F/S, FAM2013F/S and FAM3005F, or at the discretion of the Head of Department.

Course outline

The course builds on cineliteracy, socio-political understanding and theoretical insights acquired in the preceding film courses. The lectures and seminars aim to broaden and deepen students’ grasp of key contemporary developments in film theory that will be illustrated by means of case studies drawn from a wide diversity of films from around the world.

Lecture times

4th period, Monday and Tuesday; Screening: 6th and 8th periods, Friday.

Seminars: double period or 2 single period weekly

DP requirements

All written work must be submitted by the stipulated dates. Students who miss more than two seminar classes will lose their DPs.


Continuous assessment (essays, projects, tests, etc.) counts 100%. The lecture series counts 50% and the seminar 50% of the final mark for the course.