The Kaplan Centre, together with a number of communal organisations, is administering a community wide study, the aim of which is to better understand the size and composition of the community, the evolving needs of communal organisations, and the attitudes and perceptions of community members.

The study consists of various stages. The first two phases, completed in 2018, consisted of the collection and collation of data from communal organizations, and interviews and focus groups with representatives from a spectrum of communal organisations. These in-depth discussions focused on communal organisations’ challenges, concerns and needs and provided insights into the important role these organisations play in our community.

The third phase, already underway, consists of face-to-face interviews with a representative sample of 800 community members. Individuals, from across all age groups, have been randomly selected for participation in the survey. In addition to facilitating the collection of important demographic information, the survey will act as a barometer for the community’s attitudes around education, emigration, politics, and religion. The study will be completed in 2019.