The Dynamics of Racism, Antisemitism and Xenophobia on Social Media in South Africa
The Kaplan Centre, working with KAS Media Africa and the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre, have published a report on racism, xenophobia, and antisemitism on social media in South Africa.


The Jews of South Africa in 2019
Published by the Isaac and Jessie Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Cape Town and the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) in the UK, this report is based on the 2019 Jewish Community Survey of South Africa, the largest and most extensive study of its kind ever undertaken.
Key findings

A Demographic Snapshot of the Cape Town Jewish Community

Survey of the affiliated Cape Town Jewish Community, November 2019
A snapshot of Cape Town's Jewish Community

Attitudes and Perceptions of Black South Africans towards Jewish People in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg:

South African Jews in London
Dr. A. S. Caplan

Jews in a changing South Africa: Highlights of the 2005 National Survey, with comparisons to the 1998 and earlier surveys
Shirley Bruk and Milton Shain

The Jews of South Africa 2005 - Report on a Research Study
Shirley Bruk

Jews of the 'new South Africa': highlights of the 1998 national survey of South African Jews
Barry A. Kosmin, Jacqueline Goldberg, Milton Shain and Shirley Bruk