Right from the inception administration presented difficulties, accounts, payments, allocation of seats – all these were very time consuming. Apart from difficulties regarding the permissibility of microphones, the shul was prepared to move with the times with other mechanical things. 

  • In 1941 they bought a vacuum cleaner and installed a power plug.
  • In 1956 they bought an addressograph machine.
  • In 1976 they bought an electric adding machine.
  • In 1974 they considered a computer programme being written for the Johannesburg UJC. It would save the cost of half a secretary as it could do the Yahrzeit notices and the debtors and the cost could be shared with several congregations.
  • In 1979, still considering, Mr.  Fabig indicated it was not feasible to install a computerisation system.
  • In 1982 the telephone bills were too high. They decided to lock the telephone and give the key to Rabbi Steinhorn - if anyone wanted to use the phone, all they had to do was find the rabbi.
  • In 1987, Mr. Geffen presented them with an Osborne computer and Mr Zucker obtained permission to keep it at his home while learning how to operate it.
  • In 2009 e-mail was used to dispatch the weekly mini bulletin.

So, decisions might take time, but modernisation happens – apart from religion.