Richard Mendelsohn
Mike Elkin was my father Leonard Mendelsohn's assistant in his general practice.  Mike married Zelda and subsequently immigrated to the mid-west of  Canada, where he worked as the flying doctor to isolated native Canadian communities. 

Congratulations to Gail, Glenda, and Adam and his team, on putting together such an excellent online exhibition. It really is a splendid tribute to the dedicated Jewish medics of the northern suburbs.

Ilana Goronovsky Aronson
That brings back memories, we grew up in Parow, the Berelowitz’s lived down the road, Arnold Bloch lived several houses down from us, Dr Lewis pierced my ears in those days with a needle and cork!!  Dr Mendelson was our doctor and after him Dr Elkin, I think his name was Morris, he is not mentioned here.  Remember the house calls when we were sick!

Colin Helman
My father was gp in Vasco

Gail Lustig
 I believe that the recording and saving of this special history for the families and friends of those mentioned, is invaluable.
 I am really touched by the enthusiasm  of visitors  who've visited the exhibition and the excitement it's created.
Today, I let my mother, Rita, nearly 95 , read her piece about my late father, Donny. She wrote it many years ago when her memory was good. Her chuckling at his forgetting where he had done a home call in the middle of the night, was priceless! 
Sincere thanks to Adam Mendelsohn and his able team - Janine Blumberg and Libby Young for their great job of getting the exhibition up and running. Amazing !

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