As told by her daughter, Isobel Scher

I remember so vividly my mother's tireless commitment to her patients and her family.  She worked three mornings a week at the local municipal medical clinic where all her patients were from the local underprivileged community.  She was an extraordinary example of a dedicated woman doctor. This, at a time when a relatively small number of women compared with today, were university educated and even fewer were educated as doctors. She balanced her professional, family and community life while supporting my father, he too a doctor, in a selfless way.  Her example of compassion and connection to people was an important and formative part in many peoples' lives and especially in my brother's and mine.  Her guiding idea was 'to thine own self be true.'

On a lighter note, whenever she had spare time she was always busy with a crossword puzzle.  She loved reading, poetry and attending the theater.

If only her life were not cut so very prematurely short when she still had so much of value to give to all.