Zionism: Its impact and critics

23 Apr 2017
23 Apr 2017

The Z-Word

Zionism: Its impact & its critics


Join Michael Stanislawski, Professor of History at Columbia University and visiting Professor at the Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies, for a six-part lecture series that explores and critically interrogates the genesis, history, and impact of the Zionist movement.  Stanislawski is the author of several books about Zionism including the recent Zionism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press.)



This lecture series is not intended to persuade anyone of the rights or wrongs of Zionism. Rather it looks to deepen understanding and knowledge around the emergence, history, and trajectory of this political philosophy and ideology by exploring its evolution from the 1880s to the present day.

❖ What were the political and intellectual origins of Zionism, and what do its adherents believe?


❖ How was it received – and challenged – over time?


❖ What impact did the Holocaust and creation of the State of Israelhave on its development?


❖ What impact has it had on Palestinians and the Palestinian National movement?


❖ How has Zionism evolved since 1967? 


❖ What is its relationship with Arab nationalism?  


❖ How has it been challenged by – and responded to – Post Zionism and the global Palestinian Solidarity Movement?



Leslie 1 E.


Meridian,  9th, 10th, 11th May & 16th, 17th, 18th May. 


For more info, contact kaplan-centre@uct.ac.za