The GIPCA Great Texts / Big Questions lecture on 12 May at 17:30 will see Riason Naidoo in a verbal duel with Sean O’Toole.

‘Shoot! Image and Text: A discussion on curating, art criticism and maybe football too…’ will be a two-way question and answer session between Naidoo (director of Iziko South African National Gallery) and O’Toole (art critic and former editor of Art South Africa) focusing on the role of the public museum, curatorship as a form of hegemonic disruption and the inflections of post-apartheid art criticism, with public participation in the exchange welcomed.

Naidoo is an artist, curator, art educator, former coordinator for the French Institute of South Africa and of the Timbuktu Manuscripts project, and currently director of ISANG at Iziko Museums. O’Toole is a journalist, art critic, short story writer and formerly editor of Art South Africa and Naidoo is from Durban, O’Toole from Pretoria, both have served time in Johannesburg, and both are now based in Cape Town. Naidoo is a committed Manning Rangers supporter, O’Toole a long-time fan of Liverpool FC.

They both agree that contemporary photography is a vital medium in current South African art practice.

Director of GIPCA Jay Pather commented: “Forums for interactive conversation between curator and critic are few and far between. The mystique of the attendant parties has it’s own allure but may be frustrating for innocent bystanders wondering what the fuss is all about. This lecture promises to be one of a series of engrossing GIPCA events where shifts in the debate, however small, may be made with public participation and input.”

This event will take place at Hiddingh Hall, University of Cape Town (UCT) Hiddingh Campus, Orange Street, Cape Town on Thursday 12 May at 17:30 and is free. Refreshments will be served from 17:00. No Booking is necessary. For more information on the series, please contact 021 480 7156 or

Riason Naidoo and Sean O’Toole audio recording available for download.

Riason Naidoo and Sean O’Toole video recording:

Start: 12 May ’11 5:30 pm

End: 12 May ’11 6:30 pm

Cost: Free


Organizer: GIPCA


Venue: Hiddingh Hall 

Phone: +27 21 480 7156 

Address: Google Map UCT Hiddingh Campus, 31-37 Orange Street, Cape Town, 8001, Cape Town, Western Cape, 8001, South Africa