Films produced during the GIPCA Film and Dance workshops, presented by internationally acclaimed choreographer and filmmaker Jeannette Ginslov, will be presented at the Baxter Dance Film Festival as a prelude to the screening of a selection of Ginslov’s screendance works. Ginslov’s films will include Sandstone, Karohano, Freedom, Sanctum, CoNCreTe, Clinton’s Story and Autopsy | Eros “la petite mort”. Tickets for these screenings are available through Computicket.

Image: from Jeannette Ginslov’s Autopsy | Eros “la petite mort”.

About the films:

Sandstone was Ginslov’s first choreographic solo work after returning from a two year stay in Europe where she studied at the CNDC, Angers France and lived in Arhus, Denmark, 1985-1987. The work was commissioned by painter Amalie Van Maltitz, to accompany the launch of her exhibition “The Human Figure in Art”, at the Genkor Art Gallery, Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg, South Africa. This work was banned after its first performance by the Rector of The Rand Afrikaans University where it premiered. It was considered to be in “Bad taste” – Ginslov had danced topless to a speech of the then Nationalist Government Prime Minister PW Botha. News of the banning filtered into the media and Ginslov’s name was launched.

Sanctum I & II reveal & amplify the kinaesthetic and emotional struggle of silenced yet complicit women bound by the “cultural practice” of FGM – female genital mutilation. The dance videos attempt to elicit empathetic responses from the viewer to this Human Rights issue and reveal the power of the moving images as experiential and embodied.

AffeXity is an interdisciplinary pilot choreographic project examining affect, dance on screen and cities. A project of embedded choreographies, in the city of Malmö Sweden, accessed by Argon Augmented Reality Platform, via iPads and iPhones. It is a play on both ‘affect city’ and ‘a-fixity’. It is a choreographic exploration with Augmented Reality on mobile devices with 2 intended outcomes: a pilot choreography embedded in urban spaces using geospatial tagging and the groundwork for an initiative in open source choreographies.  The innovation of this project is in concept, composition, modes of audience participation, and technological development.

Autopsy/Eros “La Petite Mort” a personal observation of desire, beauty, erotic love and “la petite mort”. Ginslov captures authentic emotions and movement with the medium of Screendance, an interdisciplinary genre of dance and cinema. Using the somatic system of Alba Emoting that trains the performer to elicit raw authentic emotions, the focus is on emotional and kinaesthetic amplification. The film emphasizes affect – a viewer’s empathic and visceral response to the performer and camera dancing together in the sumptuous location of the Sofie Badet in Copenhagen.

CoNCrEte reveals our ever changing responses to the environment, relationships and events that result in a display of emotions and/or affordances. CoNCrEte amplifies the emotional and kinaesthetic using a mixture of hand held Sony handycam rehearsal footage as well as footage with Sony HD Z7 camera. It blends close-ups creating de-familiarization, with wide shots framing the body against a concrete location, uses post modern dance choreographic s trategies with authentic emotional expression in an attempt to create haptic and affective imagery. 

Karohano, meaning pieces in Sesotho, is a collaborative dance between three male dancers from Madagascar and South Africa. It is a fusion of video technology and urban dance energy that depicts aspects of African male identity, political satire and ironic gestures. Karohano was first performed as a live dance work by Inzalo Dance & Theatre Company at The Market Lab Johannesburg, 29 July 2007. Director, Jeannette Ginslov, approached the dance company wanting to create a dance video. The video was then shot in August 2007, on location in Newtown Johannesburg, South Africa and edited December 2007 – January 2008. The stage work most recently won the 7thChoreographic Encounters, 2008 “Dance Africa Dance” competition in Tunis.

Freedom: individualisation is a condition of freedom – “the condition of seeing the world as it really is.” Ivor Chipkin (2007). “freedom”, half interview half dance video, explores five female South Africans dancers grappling with the notions of freedom, authenticity and democracy.Half documentary, half video dance. Five female dancers grapple with the notion of freedom, authenticity and democracy. They speak and dance this within  a post colonial South Africa.

Clinton’s Story is a personal story told by the story teller and/or performer in a combination of word, movement and sound. The dance video amplifies the emotional and kinaesthetic experience of this personal event and aims to engage the viewer empathetically in the experience. The use of close-up only de-familiarizes and creates un-clichéd imagery making the viewer tap into their own image making and imaginative processes to “fill in the gaps” of the visual and aural narrative.

Film & Dance video recordings

Start: 11 Aug ’12 7:30 pm

End: 11 Aug ’12 9:30 pm


Venue: Baxter Golden Arrow Studio

Address: Google Map Baxter Road, Cape Town, 7701, South Africa