Nine Masters students in a programme hosted by the Institute for Creative Arts (ICA) and the Centre for Theatre Dance and Performance Studies (CTDPS) produce their second work, the Medium-term projects, online.

The projects encapsulate a mid-point in the realisation of the MA students' thesis productions at end the of 2021. The projects would normally be hosted live on the UCT’s Hiddingh Campus in an engagement with the research community as well as the general public. With COVID 19, and under Alert Level 1 regulations, students worked valiantly to re-imagine a digital version of the projects.

All nine of these works will appear for limited viewing from on the ICA website.

Overcoming constraints of access and live, interpersonal supervision and interaction, the students have produced works that point to compelling directions in interdisciplinary production. In the live event too, direct interaction with publics provided valuable feedback.

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