The 3rd Space Symposium

The 3rd Space Symposium explored ideas around the imperative to decolonise the university, the role of the creative arts in provoking change, and the dialectic between the settled nature of academic curricula and the spontaneity of transformation. Read more about the first 3rd Space Symposium, held from 13–14 May 2016Read more about 3rd Space 2017, held from 24–26 August 2016.


A two-day symposium comprising talks, performances, a film screening, and discussion panels, intersect brought academia and the creative arts together to interrogate the intersecting themes of race, gender, class and sexual identity. Read more about intersect, held from 12-13 February 2016.

Remaking Place

Remaking Place, a symposium on public art, ran in conjunction with the 2015 Infecting the City public arts festival. Read more about Remaking place, held from 8 to 14 March 2015.


LAND, which considered the centennial of the 2013 Land Act, featured performances and artistic conversations concerning issues around space, land and ownership. Read more about LAND, held from 21-24 November 2013.