Qondiswa James is a cultural worker living in Cape Town, South Africa. She is an award-winning theatre-maker, performance artist, film and theatre performer, instillation artist, writer, arts facilitator and activist.

This video presentation has been removed at the request of the artist.

Artist's Statement:

James' work, Xobula Inxeba, investigates the work of a vendor stand as a temporary autonomous zone where dangerous ideas can be explored publicly through storytelling. This is a story about a rural couple and an instance of violence that turns everything upside down. This production looks at precarity and the rural worker (specifically the informal trader, or street vendor) and the migrant worker (here, a long-distance truck driver) to place the class aspirations of this particular family in the context of post-TRC South Africa in a village in the Eastern Cape.


Still images: Qondiswa James' project, Xobula Inxeba. Photograph courtesy of the artist.