Circe’s Mycelium

Meritxell Cilliers is a performance maker currently studying for a Performance Studies undergraduate degree at the University of Cape Town. They are also currently doing an online mime course with James Donlon's Flying Acting Studio. Meritxell is developing as a performance maker, artist, researcher, and scenographer and intends pursuing postgraduate study.


Circe’s Mycelium is a screen performance curious about embodied states of meditation, hypnotic trance, ecstasy, and archaic enthusiasm. It is an embodied exploration of mycelial networks in the Psilocybe mushroom genus, finding its conceptual roots in Haraway’s SF and Deleuze and Guattari’s Rhizome


Ilene Steenkamp, Meritxell Cilliers


1 Cilliers, Meritxell FINAL from Institute for Creative Arts on Vimeo.