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Launch of the ICA Podcast:

The Institute for Creative Arts is proud to announce the launch of Season 1 of The ICA Podcast!

How do Live Artists see, think, listen, respond and create? We dive into this question every two to three weeks via long-form interviews with South African artists and curators who perform or curate Live Art. Join us on site and in studio as we explore ground-breaking performances, public interventions and participatory installations – and the fascinating minds that bring them into being. 

Read more about the vision for the ICA Podcast, and listen to Episode 1: Introduction where Jay Pather, Director of the Institute for Creative Arts (ICA), reflects on the first performance to ever make an impression on him, and we introduce you to the artists and curators featured over the course of this season.

How to listen:

Listen and subscribe to The ICA Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Podcast Addict, or wherever you find podcasts. You can also listen on our website.