As part of its Great Texts/Big Questions lecture series, the Institute for Creative Arts (ICA, formerly GIPCA) presents Rutgers University academic, Nelson Maldonado-Torres.

Maldonado-Torres will present Ten Theses on Coloniality and Decoloniality in which he explores colonization and decolonization; coloniality and decoloniality – key terms in movements that challenge the predominant racial, sexist, homo and trans-phobic liberal and neoliberal politics of today. While colonization was supposed to be a matter of the past, increasingly, movements and independent intellectuals, artists, and activists see the presence of coloniality everywhere. These ten theses aim to provide a basic conceptual infrastructure for addressing coloniality and decoloniality beyond historicist reductionisms.

Nelson Maldonado-Torres is Associate Professor in the Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies and the Comparative Literature Programme at Rutgers University, as well as Research Fellow in the Department of Political Sciences at the University of South Africa. His research interests include ethnic studies, Africana philosophy, and decolonial thought. Maldonado-Torres was President of the Caribbean Philosophical Association (2008-2013), and Director of the Center for Latino Policy Research at the University of California, Berkeley (2009-2010).

He is currently working on two book-length projects: Fanonian Meditations, which aims to spell out the epistemological basis of “ethnic studies” and related areas, as well as examine the relevance of decolonization at the epistemological, ethical, and political levels; and Theorizing the Decolonial Turn which provides a historical and theoretical overview of the “decolonial turn”.

The lecture, followed by an open question and answer session, will take place from 17:30 – 19:00 on Monday 22 August 2016 in the Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Old Medical School Building, UCT Hiddingh Campus, 31 – 37 Orange Street, Cape Town. Refreshments will be served from 17:00. No booking is necessary and all are welcome.

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Venue: Anatomy Lecture Theatre

Address: UCT Hiddingh Campus, 31 Orange Street, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa